My subject matter comes from the world around me;  my travels,  family,  gardens,  and especially wild areas around Florida. I have always roaming around in the woods, natures tangle of beauty is breathtaking to me. Anything that delights my eye is fodder for a batik. Movement, gestures, all that catches my attention, from theinteresting curve of a lip, to light playing on leaves in the forest..
Trying to capture the beauty in everyday places and people in the batik medium is challenging.  Balancing the technical requirements without losing spontaneity is my overall focus as I work on a piece.  Much in the process has to be carefully planned out in advance, sometimes after drawing out an image, I will think for several days how to approach building colors one layer at a time. Ireally love the element of surprise at the end when the final darkest dye dip completes the image—often in surprising ways.